Inner Compass

Inner Compass

Greetings to all!

Have you ever felt you've been traveling down a path that originally inspired you only to find that you no longer feel so motivated? 

Do you sense something is beckoning to you from the horizon, but you're not quite sure what it is?  If so, it probably means something within is calling for your attention and gently asking you to reassess the choices you have made.  We all have an inner compass that is perfectly attuned to our individual needs and can guide us towards our greatest potential if only we would listen.  Perhaps you're job no longer exhilarates you.  It may be that you've been doing something in a certain way and it's time now to shift gears and approach it from a totally different angle.  

What next, you may ask?  Our minds tend to demand immediate answers.  I've found however, that the information we seek is not always instantly apparent.  The point is to listen to the inner whispers that are coaxing us to change course and adjust accordingly.  This could mean freeing up more time to do the things that delight you or creating more space in your life to allow the new to enter.  Perhaps it means physically clearing out your home, a room or simply a cupboard of anything that no longer brings joy.  It could be that you need to take stock of how you spend your time.  Where do you focus your energy?  What activities do you enjoy and which ones leave you feeling drained at worse or frankly bored?  It's worth listening carefully to the small internal alarm bells that at first ring quietly.  If left unnoticed, over time these inner signals get louder and can eventually show up as physical symptoms of dis-ease.

Inner Compass

Our past choices have led us to to where we are now in time present.  They have equipped us with important skills, greater awareness and a wide variety of experiences both positive and negative, that will undoubtedly help us along the next part of our journey.  Perhaps it's time to turn down the inner chatter and tune into the quieter, wise voice within that will help us course correct and steer towards our greatest good.  Happy voyaging my friends!

Sara xo

Quote of the month

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

(Joseph Campbell)