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Hello and welcome!
About Sara

I’m Sara - a multi-media artist from Jordan.

Art has woven itself into my life at different stages in different forms.  It started with arts and crafts as a child.  For many years it expressed itself dynamically with the art of fencing followed by the classical Japanese martial arts of Iaido, Kendo and Jodo.  Dressage, the equestrian art is another of my passions.  I was drawn to the healing arts from a young age and have since become a registered homeopath.

My love for painting was revealed to me much later.  Colour literally burst into my life and to my delight, turned my life upside down!

Art has many facets - I love its meditative aspect.  It swiftly propels me into the ‘zone’ – a place where all things are possible. 

I believe creativity is vital to our overall health and well-being.  Art brings to awareness our huge inner potential.  It connects us to our inner guide and gives expression to our authentic self.  The doorway is through the heart.