Turn Inward

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Let us now explore the realm of the Peregrine falcon (Falco-p). In this video, you will see how a homeopathic proving gives us a glimpse into the inner essence of a substance from the natural world. A proving offers us a taste of life’s mysteries, as it plunges us into a universe filled with cryptic symbols and analogies. It is up to us to unravel its subtle messages. My wish and intention is that you will emerge all the more aware and in touch with a part of yourself that perhaps has remained hidden until now. I’m talking about the wise, quiet Self (with a capital ‘S’) that knows what you truly need and what you were born to become, for I truly believe that we each have a higher purpose in life.     


The king says to the falcon, ‘I bound up your eyes so that you may break free with your own kind and only regard my face.’ The falcon says, ‘Yes, I am obedient; only on your beauty I gaze, only by your image I pass, and serve you with my soul.

- Rumi

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How did Falco-p make you feel? Was it aggravating in any way? Does it resonate with you? Take some time to sit in your Sacred Zone and go through this worksheet. Feel free to share your insights on the private Facebook Group. 

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Your Totem

Think about an animal, plant, mineral, shape, symbol or anything that you connect with on some level. In your art journal, make some notes, sketch, doodle or paint. Let your innate creativity shine through. This is for your eyes only so let go and bravely express whatever is waiting to be heard inside of you. Feel free to share your insights on the private Facebook Group.