Cyclades Bliss 2019

Cyclades Bliss 2019


Octopuses are fascinating sea creatures. My earliest memory of an octopus was in the Red Sea. I was on a paddle board with my mother and cousin and fell into the water. Too young to know how to swim at the time, I remember sinking into the water, looking around me in wonder and seeing an octopus on the way down before my relatives pulled me out. There are a number of octopus homeopathic remedies, including Eledone cirrhosa, Octopus vulgaris. Painting inspired by a holiday in the Cyclades and a photo by Michal Adamczyk.

23 x 31 cm

(The dimensions are rounded up to the nearest cm.)

Mixed media – acrylic paint, acrylic & India ink and collage paper on archival aquabord. Sealed with varnish to protect from light & dust. Signed on the front.


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