Be True II 2017

Be True II 2017


The homeopathic remedies from the avian realm have proven to be quite remarkable. I have used a number of them successfully in the clinical setting. Bubo virginianus, or Great Horned Owl is the species used homeopathically. The theme of this remedy revolves around teaching, knowledge and wisdom. In his wonderful book, Birds Homeopathic Remedies from the Avian Realm, Jonathan Shore says, “Owl is a wise old soul who teaches whenever necessary. There is not an inner drive to teach for the sake of teaching, rather the knowledge of the owl makes him the holder of the moral compass. He gives support with his teaching to enable his charges to pass through difficult situations or times, to help them gain a true understanding and deeper wisdom.” 

40 x 51 cm

(The dimensions are rounded up to the nearest cm.)

Acrylic paint on canvas. Sealed with varnish to protect from light & dust. Signed on the front. 


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