Abundance 2017

Abundance 2017


Painting this peony took me on an inner journey.  The process was intense yet immensely gratifying.  I seemed to be painting it in my waking hours as well as during sleep.  It was very challenging to begin with but pushing through the difficulty paid off.  I clearly remember the moment when I suddenly understood this flower and knew how to paint its luscious petals.  It almost felt like the peony had pulled me into its very essence.  Homeopathically, the remedy, Paoenia officinalis, has an affinity for the skin and is a useful remedy for chronic ulcers on the lower parts of the body when the symptoms agree.  On the mental level, the patient who might benefit from this remedy tends to be anxious, very much affected by bad news and is afraid to talk to anyone.  As a flower elixir, peony is said to magnify abundance and instil gratitude for the beauty of life. 

101 x 101 cm

(The dimensions are rounded up to the nearest cm.)

Acrylic paint on canvas.  Sealed with varnish to protect from light & dust.  Signed on the front. 


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