Fly Free Course

Fly Free Course


Tune into your heart, find your wings and fly free!

Join me as we venture creatively inwards together to discover our true potential and observe what stands in the way of us reaching it. Along the way you will learn how to express your innate creativity that is unique to you.

Course Content Includes:

  • 9 Full HD videos.

  • 7 Self Reflection downloadable worksheets that will help you on your journey inwards.

  • 6 downloadable student handouts.

  • A list of my favourite art supplies.

  • Step by step guidance to create a sumptuously colourful painting with a special message that your soul wants you to hear.

  • The opportunity to connect with likeminded souls through the private Facebook page. 

  • Greater awareness of yourself and your needs.

Course Access:

Upon purchase, you’ll receive a PDF course access document with your unique password.

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