Like Cures Like

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There are many ways to navigate our inner landscape. 

I love homeopathy because it is a holistic system of medicine that is based on very simple yet profound principles that have a ripple effect in our lives. It’s a grave misconception to think that homeopathy is about prescribing or taking a remedy. I’m talking about those small homeopathy white pills that many of you may be familiar with. A true homeopath is one who understands and lives the simple cornerstone of this incredible healing modality – ‘like cures like’. Homeopathy is in fact a way of being. Anything can bring about a cure if it resonates with our inner state, or ‘symptom picture’ as homeopaths like to put it.   

In this video, I will give a very general overview of this remarkable system of healing. We will look at the concept of life as a mirror. Homeopathy is a vast subject and takes a lifetime to truly understand and master. For the purpose of this course, I feel this video will give you a taste of this healing modality, which I hope will help you on your creative journey inwards. 

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Take some time to sit in your Sacred Zone and go through this worksheet.  Feel free to share your insights on the private Facebook Group. 

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Look at your calendar and block out at least 90 minutes for yourself this week. Go out on a date with yourself. This could be something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time but never seem to have time for such as a walk in the park, visiting a gallery, having a massage, going to the spa, going on a hike or just sitting at home and making some art. Take along your mini creative kit (filled with your favourite pencils, pens, colours and mini journal or sketch pad) and observe whatever comes up for you. Express your feelings and thoughts through sketching, journaling, painting or doodling in your creative journal.