What is the Quality of your Heart?

What is the Quaity of your Heart?

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I've been thinking about art's capacity to expand and open the heart. 

February is, after all, the month to express our love.  Fode Drame expresses it beautifully in his book "The Rejuvenation of the Soul":

"The capacity of an entity does not come from the size of its body, nor does its force come from its hardness....The capacity of a particular entity depends on the quality of its heart.  Its speed, its force, its capacity and its luminosity all depend on the expansiveness of its heart."

Cultivating a creative life can get you out of your mind and in touch with your heart.  More and more I realise that is the home of our true selves.  When you're stuck for ideas or when you find your larger paintings too much to tackle, create something smaller.  For this month's creative practice, I decided to turn a small box of chocolates into a little art work.  It took me only 10 minutes to make but during this time, my mind was stilled and I simply enjoyed being in the moment.  Happy upcoming Valentines and happy art making everyone!

What is the Quality of your Heart?

Sara xo

Quote of the month

"Surely in the breasts of humanity is a lump flesh, if sound then the whole body is sound, and if corrupt then the whole body is corrupt.  Is it not the heart?"

(Prophet Muhammad ﷺ)