Trust & Let Go!

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Greetings to all!

Autumn is on its way - a fitting time for this month's theme of letting go. 

Just as trees let go of their leaves in this season, so does life flow as it should when we release the need to control it.

This is the major lesson that came up for me while on a study trip in Andalusia.  I learnt how to replicate some of the geometric and biomorphic patterns that are to be found at the Mezquita of Cordoba, the Real Alcazar of Seville as well as the Al Hambra in Granada.  Intricately designed arched windows and doorways seemed to beckon from every corner, inviting the viewer to take a moment to pause and contemplate, while gazing at the breathtaking scenery beyond.

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I was immersed in beauty.  An innate harmony and sense of peace emanates from the form of the Islamic structure.  Perhaps it was due to being in close contact with a bygone culture that the lesson emerged for me so strongly.  I realised that the minute I surrendered my attachment to an outcome, the more doors opened for me in wonderfully unexpected ways.

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The Islamic patterns we studied required focus and tremendous precision.  The process certainly took me out of my comfort zone.  I tend towards a free flowing style of painting.  However I soon realised that most forms in nature have an underlying geometry.  In his book "The Hidden Geometry of Flowers", Keith Critchlow says,

"The flower offers many levels of value to the finder, from delight in finding beauty in its colour, fragrance and symmetry to its medicinal benefits....we have chosen to focus on an aspect of flowers that has received perhaps the least attention.  This is the flower as teacher of symmetry and geometry (the 'eternal verities', as Plato called them)."  

I find this absolutely fascinating, particularly as I love to paint flowers!

He adds, "....what is evident in the geometry of the face of a flower can remind us of the geometry that underlies all existence.  Studying the geometry of flowers is therefore a powerful way to reconnect us with the idea that we are all one; a definition that is captured in the word universe."

I was thrilled to return from my travels to find Beth Kempton's new book Wabi Sabi, waiting for me.  In a synchronous way, it seems to reaffirm what I experienced myself, while in Spain. In Beth's words,

"Less resistance, more resilience.  Less control, more surrender. Less head, more heart."

In what ways can you simplify your life and accept things just as they are in order for life to take its course and flow freely?

Sara xo

Featured In

So honoured to be featured in Beth Kempton's new book, Wabi Sabi - Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life.  Having lived in Japan myself many years ago, Beth describes the concept Wabi Sabi, so eloquently - highly recommended reading!

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