Spring News!

Spring News

Greetings to all!

Happy Spring everyone! Lots of exciting things to share with you this month, including an inspiring trip to India as well as a feature in a new book.  Scroll down for more!

Spring News

Thrilled to announce that my Prints Shop is now online!  All prints are printed on HAHNEMÜHLE® paper, a fine art textured thick paper that meets the requirements of museums and galleries.  Each print is matted in a custom soft white mat and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity attached on the back.

Spring News

I recently returned from a very inspiring trip to India.  What struck me was the pervading chill vibe despite the appearance of hustle and bustle, particularly on the roads.  I felt a deep sense of contentment and surrender with what is - undoubtedly I was picking up on the energy of the place.  We passed by so many women, serenely poised on the back of a Vespa, clad in beautiful colours and many times with one or two children on board.  Vibrant colour greeted us everywhere we went, as did flowers!  I saw so many elderly women seated by the pavement making the most beautiful flower garlands to sell in their small stalls.  The trip was transformative on many levels and I'm very excited to start a painting series inspired by the many memories I shared there with good friends.  Scroll down for the first of this series.

Spring News
Spring News

Travel expands the heart and soul.  It's been a month since my return and on the whole I have managed to maintain the sense of aliveness  that I experienced on this incredible journey.  Life, however, has a way of throwing curve balls at us when we least expect them.  Challenging as these may be at times, I notice that by simply being aware of how one responds in difficult situations, makes it easier to find one's feet again and regain balance.  Painting is also a great therapy as it gently invites you to turn inwards.  I encourage you to pick up a paintbrush and try it!

Chennai Blooms   - Mixed Media on Artists’ Board

Chennai Blooms - Mixed Media on Artists’ Board

Sara xo

Quote of the month

"Who lives sees much. Who travels sees more."
(Arab Proverb)

Featured In

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So honoured to be featured in this new book, "Empowering Women Through Painting".  Part of the proceeds go to One Justice System, which supports the UNFPA and the Jordan River Foundation.  The book launch was held at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts on March 20, 2019.