Final Thoughts

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Letting go of what we no longer need is a rocky road and far from smooth or straight.

We are born without a manual to help us navigate our journey in this life. Remember everything in your life is as it should be. You are perfect just as you are. I encourage you to be gentle with yourself as you move bravely forward towards your dreams. We truly are all connected. The Butterfly effect has demonstrated that our deeds send out ripple effects into the universe. Our very presence is so important.

“Surely in the breasts of humanity is a lump of flesh, if sound then the whole body is sound, and if corrupt then the whole body is corrupt.  Is it not the heart?”

- Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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With all my blessings and good wishes, I look forward to watch you fly free!

You were meant for this.

Bonus Content!

Watch the painting process of Falco-p from start to finish.