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+ Do I have to be a homeopath to sign up for this class?

No. This class is for anyone who loves the natural world. It is for those curious, willing and eager to look at their lives through the lens of a variety of natural substances. This could suit homeopaths, and it could suit anyone interested in learning about this holistic modality just as well.

+ Can I try this remedy if I feel it fits my symptom picture?

No. I would suggest you see a highly qualified and registered homeopath before you take any remedy yourself. A homeopath will be able to properly assess what needs to be cured for you and will prescribe a remedy that fits your unique case.

+ Do I have to be an artist or know how to paint or draw to join this class?

Absolutely not. In fact I believe we are all artists at heart. Remember most of us learned how to draw before we learned how to write as children. I will walk you through the painting process step by step. You will create your very own unique mixed media artwork by the end of this course which will hold special meaning for you.

+ Can I share this course with my friends, children and loved ones?

No. This course is for your individual access and viewing only. If your friends would like to join in, I would urge you to encourage them to sign up for the course.

+ Can I access the course via phone or iPad?


+ Can I download the videos?

No but you have lifetime access to them so you can watch them as many times as you please!

+ Can I sell the painting I create in this class?

I commend you for your entrepreneurial spirit! While I encourage you to find your unique creative voice, the issue of integrity arises here. It is natural and assumed that your artwork may look a lot like mine as you are learning my way of approaching this painting. That is perfectly fine for study purposes. However, art entails finding our own unique creative voice and style. This takes time and practice. It is there not permissable to sell your artwork by copying my style.

+ Are the materials safe?

I tend to get my hands messy with paint, gel medium etc. However, the materials can be hazardous if not used properly. I urge you to read the safety instructions on any art supplies you decide to use before diving into your creative practice, particularly if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. I do sometimes wear gloves while painting and apply a thick barrier cream before I begin as I find the paint tends to dry my skin.