Creating a Vibrant Background

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In this video you will learn how to create a background for your painting. I encourage you to use colours, images and textures that speak to you.  I will be referring to the themes that emerged in Falco-p for inspiration as I allow my creativity and instinct to take over. 

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You’ve traveled so far!  I applaud your brave, adventurous spirit! Take time out now to tap into your heart and discover what delights you, what fills you with energy and joy, what makes your heart sing!  Feel free to share your insights on the private Facebook Group. 

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This is an exploration of the iconography that speaks to you. Play your favourite music and start excavating. Go through your magazines and photos or surf the internet for images, fonts, words and colours that speak to you. Create your own personal Vision Board. What dreams do you have? What would you like to show up in your life? Where would you love to travel? What does your dream home look like? Given all the chances, what would you really love to do in your life? Surrender to the process and see what emerges. Enjoy! Feel free to share your insights on the private Facebook Group. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration.