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 Art Supplies

This is just a suggested list of art materials that I enjoy using and thought I’d share with you.  There is absolutely no need to go out and buy a long list of supplies!  Please feel free to scavenge around your home and find whatever creative tools you have lying around.  Remember, you can use almost anything for mark making including, twigs, leaves, old pens, sponges and simply your fingers!  I prefer to mix my own colours but feel free to buy whatever colours you crave. I love making a deep almost black colour by mixing Prussian Blue & Alizarin Crimson (for a warm black) and Phthalo Green & Alizarin Crimson (for a cool black). In this painting, I used the following colours:

·      Prussian Blue

·      Alizarin Crimson

·      Phthalo Green

·      Green Gold

·      Hansa Yellow

·      Titanium White

·      My mix of grey – make your own pot by putting all your leftover paint in a pot.  Add all colours except for black.